Gold on Renaissance - Video

Recording of a live class, where you will learn to add Gold to your Tangles and Golden details to your Zentangle art, with new materials. Including a list of used Tangles with links to their step-outs.
As bestseller author of the Madame Renaissane eBook, what better theme to teach, than Zentangle Renaissance!

In this class you will learn to make a beautiful Renaissance tile with:
  • new tangle patterns in Renaissance style (other than the eBook)
  • adding Gold in your tangling
  • adding tiny details of Gold.
  • which materials to use and how to use them. 
  • a fun new string
  • which mosaics you can make with the string

Skill level:
Only a basic understanding of the Zentangle method is needed to follow this class. You don't need to have experience in tangling on Renaissance, I will guide you through the tangling and shading steps. The Class is also interesting for experienced Tanglers and CZT's because of the fun new techniques.

You need basic Zentangle materials you normally use on Renaissance tiles and a few extra supplies for the Gold. A detailed supplies list can be downloaded after purchasing the video.

What's included?

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Gold on Renaissance -Supplies list and String.pdf
228 KB
Handout Gold on Renaissance class.pdf
655 KB
Gold on Renaissance - transferring the String.mp4
6 mins
Gold on Renaissance - Tangles 1 & 2.mp4
22 mins
Gold on Renaissance - Tangles 3 & 4.mp4
17 mins
Gold on Renaissance - Fragments.mp4
10 mins
Gold on Renaissance - Tangle 5.mp4
14 mins
Gold on Renaissance - Adding Gold.mp4
9 mins
Gold on Renaissance - Shading Part 1.mp4
20 mins
Gold on Renaissance - Shading part 2.mp4
11 mins
Gold on Renaissance - Finishing touch.mp4
18 mins