Delft Blue Peacock - Live Class Recording by Stefanie (Tangle Studio Stefanie) van Leeuwen

Delft Blue Peacock - Live Class Recording

Enjoy learning to create a Delft Blue Peacock Zendala by watching a recording of a live class (2h25m). Enjoy creating Delft Blue designs of your own with inspiration of the downloadable eBook.
Living my whole live close to Delft in the Netherlands and loving the Delft Blue earthenware got me inspired to develop this class. There have been Delft Blue Zentangle classe before, but what this class makes it special, is that you will learn to draw original organic Delft Blue patterns. We even use the painting techniques still used in the last remaining Delft Blue earthenware factory in Delft (1653), Royal Delft.

In this class you will learn to make a beautiful Delft Blue Peacock design on a Zendala with:
  • original Delft Blue patterns explained the Zentangle way
  • how to draw a Peacock with a very simple start
  • which materials to use and how to use them to get the beautiful Delft Blue colors
  • how to design a Delft Blue design

Skill level:
Only a basic understanding of the Zentangle method is needed to follow this class, I will guide you through the tangling and coloring steps. The Class is also interesting for experienced Tanglers and CZT's because of the fun new techniques.

A selection of a few Blue colored micron pens and a few waterbased brushpens in different shades of Blue. A pdf with a detailed supplies list can be downloaded.

What's included?

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Delft Blue Peacock Supplies list and String.pdf
250 KB
eBook "Delft Blue Peacock"
3.76 MB
Delft Blue Peacock Zendala - Introduction.mp4
4 mins
Delft Blue Peacock Zendala - Practice flower.mp4
21 mins
Delft Blue Peacock Zendala - Transferring the String.mp4
3 mins
Delft Blue Peacock Zendala - Drawing and tangling the peacock.mp4
23 mins
Delft Blue Peacock Zendala - Tangling Flowers and Leaves.mp4
45 mins
Delft Blue Peacock Zendala - Painting.mp4
39 mins